Weight management P.4/10 – Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3)

This post is going to be a short one as I have already written it once for my laptop to have not saved it. Ooops!

Here goes again…..!

Right, now please read all of this before rushing out to Holland & Barrett to buy a bucket load of fish oils with another bucket load for half price!

Essential Fatty Acids are called so because it is essential for us to intake these in our diet as we cannot synthesize these ourselves. They come in 2 forms; Omega 3 and Omega 6. Generally our ratio of Omega 3 to 6 should be 1:1 or 1:2 whereas in the western diet is is more like 1:16. This means we need to largely increase our Omega 3 levels to balance this ratio out. Omega 3’s can be found in oily fish like Salmon, Sardines, Halibut and Albacore Tuna. However, unless they are wild fish you are eating, due to the way that fish are farmed they do not produce omega 3. This means to boost your Omega 3 you will need to supplement.

Omega 3’s play a large role with respect to maintaining ideal weight and burning fat. They help to increase our HDL (good) cholesterol, reduce our LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduce triglycerides within the body. By doing this is it means less fatty deposits get put in our adipose tissue (fat storage cells) and more fat can be transported back to the liver for us to use a fuel. Omega 3’s also turn on the Lipolytic (fat burning) gene and turn of the Lipogenic (fat storage) gene along with increasing metabolic rate. This is how they can help with fat loss but Essential Fatty Acids have plenty of other benefits;

-Help athletic performance
-Improve delivery of oxygen & nutrients to cells
-Enhanced aerobic metabolism
-Increased energy levels & stamina
-Increased exercise duration & intensity
-Improve recovery
-Anti-inflammatory preventing joint tendon & ligament strains
-Reduction of inflammation caused by over training assisting injury healing
-Improve muscular development
-Reduce inflammation & allow more frequent training
-Reduce fat cravings & fat storage
-Speed healing of injuries

If you are looking at supplementing with Omega 3’s don’t just go to your local supermarket and stock up. These will be cheap synthetically produced products that can cause more harm than good because the body does not respond well to synthetic products. I have found an Omega 3 supplement that is sourced from wild salmon and is the highest quality of supplement worldwide. They have a UK base and can be delivered in 3-5 days. If you want to order some then click here

Recommended intake
1-2 capsules 2-3 times per day
For accelerated fat loss 9+ capsules per day.

I would say a daily supplement of Omega 3 should be included in everyones diet whether you eat a lot of oily fish or not and if you are wanting to boost fat loss then you need a higher intake initially until you can stabilise around 2-6 capsules per day.

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Pt.3/10 – Avoid diet, low cal, reduced fat products as they make you fat

How many people think they are being more healthy by ordering a diet coke with their takeaway? How many people when in the supermarket pick up a muller light instead of that full fat natural yoghurt? Hopefully by the end of this blog you will be more educated as to which choices are better for you in relation to health and which is less likely to cause weight gain.

What exactly is the difference between diet products and full fat products? Anything that is diet, low cal or reduced fat has certain parts of the product taken away (sugar and fat) and then replaced by sweeteners. By taking out the sugar and fat, this reduces the calorific content of the product which people think is good, but is it? In an effort to make this product have the same palatability as it’s full fat/full sugar option, it is replaced with sweeteners. The common sweeteners include: Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Saccharin and Sucralose. There are however, numerous problems with these sweeteners…

They make you fat
In a 2005 survey by the University of Texas Health Science Center, those people who drink diet soft drinks actually gain weight. The study found that “for every can of diet soda people consumed each day, there was a 41% increased risk of being overweight.” Why is this?

When you consume something sweet your body gets ready to deal with the sugar, so your pancreas starts secreting Insulin into your blood stream. Insulin is responsible for opening up cells of the body to allow sugar from the blood to be stored in these cells, usually as fat. As your cells uptake sugar from your blood, your blood sugar levels then drop. This causes you to crave food as your body is crying out for the sugar you have not received from your diet drink. Studies show that this can lead to eating up to 3 times the amount of calories of someone who has not had the diet soft drink. Now if you are eating 3 times the calories because you crave sugar from your diet drink, you are bound to put on weight. Also further studies have shown that some of these sweeteners can cause chronic metabolic disorders. With this being the case, not only can they effect your eating habits and weight control in the short term, they can effect your metabolic system in the long term, causing lifetime battles with obesity.

They cause major health problems
Studies show that Acesulfame K stimulates insulin secretion in a dose dependent effect, possibly agrevating Hypoglycaemia (Low blood sugar attacks). It also apparently produced lung tumors, breast tumors, rare types of tumors of other organs (such as the thymus gland), several forms of leukemia and chronic respiratory disease.

Aspartame has been linked to various neuropsychiatric disorders, including panic attacks, mood changes, visual hallucinations, manic episodes, and isolated dizziness. Certain studies show symptoms including headache, nervousness, dizziness, memory impairment, nausea, temper outbursts, and depression.
Less research is available for Splenda also known as Sucralose but it is reported that years of constant use can contribute to serious chronic immunological or neurological disorders.

With the above in mind it makes you wonder why such things are on the market??? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to go and drink loads of regular coke, eat loads of full fat yoghurts and have lots of full calorie products, as high amounts of sugar, saturated fat and excess calories will have their own problems. What I am saying is, you are better off staying well clear of anything labelled ‘diet’, ‘low cal’ or ‘reduced fat’ as they have adverse effects to weight loss and can bring major problems associated with health.

From the research I have seen, I would not touch anything that has been altered to make it ‘more healthy’. This includes any spreads, margarine’s, cooking oils etc. I would always go for the full fat option but to include this as part of a balanced, healthy, natural eating plan and you will benefit from better health and weight control. I do ask that if anyone reading this has children that regularly consume diet drinks, please reconsider letting them continue. It’s education and guidance that will reduce the obesity problem that seems to be multiplying on a rapid rate, so if we can make a difference it is all worth it.

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Permanent weight and fat reduction Pt.2/10

Your mind is the most powerful weight loss tool!

Weight loss and fat reduction doesn’t happen when you join a gym, pay a Personal Trainer, buy a fridge full of healthy food, get some new training kit or buy a new fitness DVD. You have to actually DO things and behave a certain way to get results. You need to go training, put the effort in, eat the healthy nutritious food, use your new training kit and keep at it. This is all down to YOU!

If you have the desire and focus to do something and you BELIEVE you can do it, you will put the effort in that is required and are more likely to achieve what you want. If you don’t believe something is possible, you usually wont try it or will put no effort into it and prove yourself right. Your beliefs therefore affect how you BEHAVE. Your thoughts shape your actions so if you think you can do something and are focussed and determined enough then you BEHAVE in a manor that means you will. You’ll go out for your run instead of watching TV, you’ll prepare a healthy lunch the night before instead of leaving it and grabbing that fat packed sandwich in your lunch hour. Your behaviour will then have you PERFORM! We are a product of what we do so by sticking to your training routine, eating a healthy diet and having every move be about your desire you will get what you want! BELIEVE you can do it, BEHAVE in a way to do it and you will PERFORM it.

A great way to keep up focus and motivation…

Goal Setting

This is a very important part of focussing the mind. You have to have goals! Imagine a football game without goals, it would just be 22 men (or women) running around aimlessly kicking a bag of air. Goals keep you going in the right direction, keep up motivation and have you strive for something.

How do you set goals?

Choose specific, measurable goals.
If you say “I want to lose weight”. That doesn’t motivate enough, you need to have a specific goals in mind like how many pounds you want to lose, what you want to weigh or what size you want your waist to be. This can then be measured to give a definitive yes when you reach them.

Set achievable goals.
If you set unrealistic goals you will not believe you can get to them and remember… what you BELIEVE affects how you BEHAVE. An ideal weight loss/fat reduction figure is around 1 pound per week. If you lose more than that then great but you want to set a figure that you can achieve rather than a figure that you’ll just miss out on as this will bring you to a negative mindset.

Set a timeframe to reach your goals.
If you do not have a date when you aim to hit your goals you can keep putting them off. You will prioritise other things that need doing and there will be no sense of urgency. It’s good to set goals for 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months and a year. The big goal is what you really desire but the smaller goals keep you focused as they are bit size chunks.

A typical goal should read like this….
On the 7th June 2011 (4 weeks time) I will weigh 8st 7lbs which will be a reduction of 4lbs.

Write it down.
Your goal needs to be written down! It needs to be somewhere where you will continually see it, it needs to be in your mindset 24/7. The more you think about your goal, the more you act towards achieving it. You can also have other triggers in certain places. You could have a picture of a celebrities body on your fridge that you want to look like, you could have a positive message on your screen saver or a post it note on your alarm clock in the morning.

Goal setting is a really important factor when it comes to focussing the mind. Focussing the mind is key to achieving weight loss, with the right mindset you will be amazed at what is possible!


Permanent weight and fat reduction Pt.1/10

Welcome to my first out of ten installments on how to permanently control weight and reduce fat. With the 10 tips I am going to give you, or strategies as I prefer to call them, you will be able to make long term changes to your lifestyle and eating habits to never worry about having to lose weight and reduce fat again.

Firstly I am quickly going to look at what doesn’t work when it comes to long term weight loss…. Fad diets like; Lemon and soup diet, weight watchers, Zodiac diet, Atkins, Grapefruit diet etc. These are not long term solutions to losing weight, although they may well work to drop some pounds in the initial stage, the body is being starved of vital elements of nutrition that is required for optimal functioning. I am not going to go into detail of why each diet doesn’t work but to remain healthy and have your body working in the most effective way you need to have a balanced diet with all the appropriate nutrients in a way that can be maintained. This is why fad diets don’t work because you cannot stay on them long term, so what’s the point when up to 95% of people put the weight back on and usually more after they come off the diet.

Okay, now onto fat reduction and weight management…
‘Whether you are mildly or compulsively addicted to food, until you correct your key bio chemical imbalances (the body’s unhealthy chemical production in the breakdown of those foods) the problem continues’. ‘Upgrading food choices and correct supplementation with not reducing calories and eating ‘controlled portions’ is the only way to truly break free of food obsession’ (from Kat James the author of – the ‘Untold Truth’ about permanent weight loss). It is not as important to look at how many calories you eat through the day as it is at looking at what type of calories you eat and when you eat them. This brings me onto my first strategy…

No. 1 – Always have a nutritious breakfast
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick starts your metabolism for the day and it should give you sustained energy until lunch. Most breakfasts however don’t allow this sustainment of energy required until lunch and can often lead to erratic blood sugar levels causing mood swings, cravings and storage of fat. So what is the key? Cereal, toast, juice, coffee are usual for breakfast but most cereals are high in sugary carbohydrate and therefore release energy quickly. Juice is also very high in sugar and bread isn’t exactly slow releasing in energy either. When foods release energy quickly is causes a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, your body then secretes insulin to take the sugar out of the blood but this then has to be stored somewhere else. It is directed firstly into the muscles and stored as glycogen but when they are full you then store the sugar as fat in your adipose tissue around the abdomen, hips, thighs etc. As a result this leads to increased fat storage and low blood sugar levels causing sugary cravings continuing the vicious cycle. If you make incorrect choices for breakfast it will affect your energy levels, mood and cravings throughout the whole day so it really is vital for weight loss to have the right breakfast!

The key is to have a slower release of energy from your food. Ways to do this are to include protein and fiber with your breakfast. Both protein and fiber slow the release of carbohydrate into the blood stream preventing blood sugar highs and lows and gives you sustained energy. The milk on your cereal wont help much as it is not a good source of protein. Options therefore are having eggs with your toast, sardines, nuts on your cereals or an easier way to do it which is becoming a more common option is to supplement…

Synerprotein is a high quality soya based protein supplement which is dairy free, wheat free, yeast free, gluten free and virtually fat free. Having this before you have your breakfast will slow down the release of the sugar from your cereal or toast. You can mix it with water, milk or even juice as a quick easy option of protein for breakfast.

TNT is a high fiber and carbohydrate drink mix that also contains vitamins and minerals to ensure you get your daily allowance.

My recommendation for a perfect breakfast mix is:
1 scoop of the Synerprotein
1 scoop of TNT
a handfull of organic frozen berries
300ml water
Just put all of these in a blender for a very nutritious, energy packed, lovely tasting breakfast smoothie in order to take your first step towards permanent weight and fat reduction.

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Weight training for female fat reduction

In this blog I’d like to wipe out the common misconception among women that lifting weights will make them bulk up.

While it is true that resistance training will result in a small gain in lean muscle mass, it is healthy and beneficial for increasing the resting metabolic rate. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is responsible for approximately 60-75% of daily energy expenditure. This is energy used by the body to sustain bodily functions, such as nervous system activity, cellular respiration and cardiovascular function. So by increasing your RMR it will then help to burn more calories throughout the day which a high percentage will be from fat stores. This will bring you better results in fat reduction, body/muscle tone, overall strength and lasting results.

The belief that large increases in muscle mass will occur in females is false because testosterone levels in females are very low and testosterone is one of the major determining factors for producing protein to develop large muscles. Men have 10 to 30 times more testosterone than women which is why men can see significant increases in muscle size with a long term resistance programme where women don’t. If you go into any weights gym you will find most males want to improve muscle size but find it hard unless every factor is right, so it is going to be extremely difficult for women to build muscle with so little testosterone. If you’re thinking that women body builders manage it , then you need to appreciate the hours per day pushing weights, a perfected diet and more often than not performance enhancing testosterone boosters.

Here’s some research to back my claim:
Butts and Price (National Strength and Conditioning Association) investigated the effects of a 12 week single set resistance training program on the body composition of 92 untrained women aged 30 to 62 years.

The women on average lost 2.2% body fat, dropped 2 dress sizes and significantly improved their muscular strength in all the exercise. All this was achieved without modifying diet and simply performing a regular single set resistance training program of 12 exercises, three days a week for 12 weeks!

Not bad when you consider what was achieved with just 36 sessions of resistance training!!!

Here’s an example of a group of 12 exercises that you could perform to work the whole body and work towards the results above

1. High Pulls
2. Kettlebell Swings
3. Bent Over Rows
4. Deadlift
5. Power Lunges
6. Romanian Deadlift
7. Bench Press
8. Reverse Flyes
9. Dumbbell Flyes
10. Shoulder Press
11. Woodchop
12. Plank

Safety points
-Always perform a suitable warm up with dynamic stretches prior to commencing resistance training
-Ensure correct technique is used at all times. Do not compromise technique for heavier weights
-Start with a light weight and gradually increase throughout sessions
-Always ask for help if unsure about any of the exercises
-Perform a full cool down after each session with adequate static stretches for each body part

I hope you found my blog useful. Please feel free to post comments or questions

Thanks and happy training 😀

Suspension training – TRX

I’d like to introduce you to my latest piece of Personal Training equipment I have purchased, it’s called a ‘TRX Suspension trainer’.

Whether you are a Personal Trainer, a training enthusiast or just someone who like to keep in shape from time to time I would really recommend this versatile training tool.

What is a TRX suspension trainer?
Originating in the United States and used by Navy Seals the suspension trainer is a simple system of almost seatbelt type material with handles that works the whole body using just your bodyweight in a leveraged way.It will build strength and power, tone muscles, increase balance and stability and it’s amazing for strengthening the core and getting those abs defined. You can attach it to trees, ceiling hooks, climbing frames and even to the top of your door with a door anchor (this wont damage your door, I use it in a rented apartment which i’d be in trouble for if I broke the door).

How does it work?
The great thing is you can use it anywhere, I use it with all my Personal Trainer clients at homes and in parks. It weighs less then 2lbs and comes in it’s own bag so transport is easy if you want to take it to the gym, down the park, use it at home or take it to your hotel room etc. You attach the one end to a fixed point (a tree, hook, climbing frame, top of door) and it hangs down so you can grab the handles or put your feet in the straps and perform exercises like press ups, pull ups, single leg lunges, flyes, reverse flyes, ab roll outs and the list goes on. It’s a perfect Functional Training tool because instead of being sat on a fixed resistant machine where you just push or pull a bar or handle, your body has to function in a more natural way and all your postural muscles and stability muscles have to work to keep you balanced and in the right posture.

Watch the video below to see what it’s all about and how it works:

-It works the whole body as a complete system so builds functional strength
-allows increased muscle involvement which improves co-ordination and stability
-activates core in every exercise which helps towards a tighter mid section
-It balances muscles for better injury prevention and body symmetry
-due to higher overall motor unit activation it increases work done and therefore calories consumed
-unlimited amount of exercises
-easily able to adapt difficulty level just by moving closer/further away from anchor mid point
-it’s the anywhere workout

What do get and how much is it?
With your TRX Trainer you will get the trainer itself, a DVD with how to use it, workout cards, a bag and most cases it includes a door anchor. The TRX Supsension Trainer retails at around £150 and the UK site for it is TRX Fitness
You can purchase them cheaper elsewhere but be careful as there are fake imitation versions out there.

As a Personal Trainer I have used it myself and had my clients using it too. I have had great results with it and it’s a fun piece of kit to use so would recommend it to anyone.

I hope you found this blog of interest

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Detox and weight loss

It’s January, everyone makes new years resolutions, a lot of people want to get fitter, lose weight, start training again or train more to try and reach that goal they didn’t make last year. Also too much alcohol has been consumed over the Christmas and New Year period along with far to much fatty and rich foods so it’s January when people want to reverse all the ill doing. What’s the word on everyone’s lips…. DETOX!

What is a detox?
A detox is a procedure to try and clear your body of all the toxins that it has been subjected to over a period of time. These toxins can be from greasy foods, takeaways, alcohol, drugs and medicines, cigarettes, car fumes and other pollution’s in the atmosphere, pesticides from produce we eat, cheap plastics used for holding liquids and food, toiletries, household cleaners, mercury from fillings, chemicals in water etc.

Why detox?
These toxins in your body can damage structures of the body impairing their functionality and cause serious damage to our health. They will be stored in cell membranes which are made up of fat and will also be stored in fat cells themselves. This means that we can find it difficult to reduce fat because of these toxins we have in our body. So if you want your body to be healthier and function better and also want to lose weight then a detox is the ideal thing to do.

How do I do a detox?
There are various ways to try and ‘detox’. Some are to cut out almost all the major food groups and drink gallons of water to flush your system out but that wont clear out all toxins and your body’s functioning will be reduced even further by the lack of nutrients that you are intaking. Not a good way!

Natures Sunshine do a great 10 day detox that is easy to follow and allows you to eat a normal healthy diet. Natures Sunshine is a supplement company that only use the very best natural organic ingredients and ensure that the correct plant parts are used and each herb contains a specific profile and quantity of ‘active’ ingredient.

Natures Sunshine 10 day detox is called The Healthy Starter Programme. The Healthy Starter Programme includes a starter pack of six products and Liquid Chlorophyll and Bifodophilus. The Starter Pack is a powerful and effective ten day course of six cleansing herbal products which collectively help cleanse the whole body of cellular waste. Cellular waste needs to be driven out of the cell, toxins in the blood need to be cleansed and the liver and kidneys need strengthening and support to pull as much of the toxins through as possible to eliminate them. The Healthy Starter ten day whole body cleansing programme contains:
• Burdock • Cascara & Buckthorn Combination
• Black Walnut • Gentian & Cascara Combination
• Psyllium Hulls • Peony & Cinnamon Combination

Liquid Chlorophyll is a minty drink that is added to water. Chlorophyll is the substance responsible for a plant’s green colour. Among its many benefits, Chlorophyll is a good natural cleanser and it also helps to oxygenate the blood giving more energy and better recovery.

Bifidophilus-Flora Force is a milk-free probiotic supplement, providing important strains of friendly flora which naturally inhabit the intestinal tract. These aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and help to maintain a healthy immune function. This is taken for 30 days after the 10 dat starter pack to rebuild your friendly bacteria.

With the above detox you do not need to cut out most food groups however it is highly recommended that you cut out alcohol, caffeine and red meat and stay hydrated by drinking 2-3 litres of water per day for 10 days.

What you should expect in the 10 days….
For the first day you wont really notice too much as it wont have had chance to work. Around 2-4 days as it starts working the toxins will start to be released from the cells and will be released into your blood stream and your system will start to clear. As it clears you may be a little more regular than usual. This is completely normal. (If things get too regular you can cut down the dose to 2 times per day but must finish the whole course) You may start to feel tired, run down and a little moody. This means it’s working! 5 days and onwards you will start to feel a lot better and healthier and should start be starting to lose a little weight as the fat cells can be more easily broken down.
After the 10 days you then need to start taking the Bifodofilus to replace all your friendly bacteria to maximise the benefits but you should be feeling great, have lost some weight and be ready to really kick start you weight loss and fitness programme.

If you want to follow the Natures Sunshine 10 day detox programme then follow the link below for a 15% discount
The Starter Programme

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The perfect tool for weight loss… Personal Training

So, it’s January, you have eaten and drunk far too much over the christmas and new year period and want to get fit and healthy for 2011.

Typical New Years resolution – Lose weight, tone up, get fit, eat healthy etc.

What usually happens….

People join the gym with good intentions to lose weight and get fit, sign up on a 12 month contract and then have to fight it out with everyone else doing exactly the same to get onto that treadmill and cross trainer that they think will do the trick.

Training goes ok for about a month, you maybe lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier but then results stop, boredom kicks in and putting your feet up at home seems a much more tempting option. Your January drive that you had has stopped and you will continue paying membership for another 11 months and maybe go a handful of times.

So what is the other option….?


Personal Trainers are experts in the weight loss industry. We are trained to know the ins and outs of what you need to do to lose weight.

How does Personal Training help…

A Personal Trainer can analyse your lifestyle, current training levels, nutrition intake, goals and time available and come up with a solution to have you be what you want to be (Within reason! We can’t make you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie but we will definitely get you closer)

What Personal Trainers have to offer
-We have a massive range of training methods to keep training interesting
-We know what you should be eating and how to change your diet to eat healthier and reduce calorie intake
-We can train you at home or outdoors so you’re night fighting it out at the gym with everyone else
-We help motivate you and keep on track with achieving your goals/targets
-We know effective training methods instead of doing things you think may work
-We have vast experience in training people to get what they want
-We will not let you give up before you achieve what you set out for!

Common barriers with Personal Training…

“I can’t afford it.”
Think about what you spend/prioritise your money on. A Saturday night out can cost anything upto £100 in some cases, that extra pair of shoes you don’t need, that £60 a month gym membership you don’t use after January, if you think about the money you sometimes waste each month then this could pay for your training. If you really value on your health and well being then you can’t afford not to.

“I have no time.”
I bet you can find time to watch your favourite TV program or nip up the pub for a quick pint etc so if you can do this then you can find time to train. Training sessions are 30 mins to 1 hour typically and if there’s something you really want to do then you will find time. Personal Training gets you motivated so you want to train. It’s amazing what you can do when you really want to.

“I need to get fit first.” (My personal favourite)
Why? At 17 you wouldn’t go out and just try to drive a car before having driving lessons. Personal Trainers are here to get you results quickly so why try it another way on your own first. Have the benefit of expert guidance from the start and you’ll get the benefits quicker.

“They’re going to kill me.”
Any good Personal Trainer will assess you current levels of fitness and tailor the session to you personally. I’m not going to say it will not be hard work but you should be eased into it slowly for your fitness/experience level. Yes you may ache a little for a couple of days but that’s just how your body improves for next time.

I hope with this blog I have given you an insight into the benefits of Personal Training and also helped brong down any barriers you may have towards it too.

If you require Personal Training and are located around the Warwickshire area (Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford, Coventry etc) then get in touch with Nick Richardson Fitness on 07973 627863 for a free consultation

If you have any questions regarding personal training then please feel free to post them on here and I will answer them as accurately as possible

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The wonderful world of Tabata

So, for my first official post I thought I would introduce you to a tried and tested but also tried and hated method of training…


This method has been called “the best fat burning workout ever’ and will increase your fitness levels like no other workout.

Dr Izumi TabataThe History:
The Tabata protocol was named after Dr Izumi Tabata, a researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports. The Tabata protocol was used by the Japanese National speed skating team to develop the fitness of their skaters.

Japanese National Ice Skating TeamResearch:
Many interval work to rest ratio’s were tested along with interval intensity and number of intervals. Dr Tabata’s research concluded that the following method was the most effective

20 secs intervals >90% MHR
10 secs rest
x8 intervals

The researchers found that guys who used the routine five days a week for six weeks improved their maximum aerobic capacity (a measure of your body’s ability to consume oxygen–the more oxygen you can take in, the longer and harder you’ll be able to run) by 14%. What’s more, it also improved anaerobic capacity (which measures your speed endurance, or the duration you’re able to sprint at full effort) by 28%. So the Tabata Protocol is the rare workout that benefits both endurance athletes and sprinters which is hard to accomplish. Consider that to a study of traditional aerobic training of running at 70% of aerobic capacity for 60 minutes for the same number of weeks showed an improvement in aerobic capacity of 9.5% and no effect on anaerobic capacity.

Now that’s impressive!

Try it out:
This test was used for elite athletes so it is recommended that you start at a lower intensity suitable for your current fitness levels. If you do not currently exercise or have any health issues that could be affected by exercise then it is strongly recommended you consult your doctor prior to working out.

Perform a 5 minute warm up by running, cycling, rowing or swimming at around 40-50% of your full effort. For the main workout this can be performed on a track, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer or other suitable cardiovascular equipment. Perform 20 seconds at 90% effort then have 10 seconds rest and repeat 8 times which will work out to be 4 minutes. Then perform a 5 minute cool down at around 40% of maximum effort. Post workout static stretching would be beneficial.

Repeat the workout from 3 times per week upto 5 times per week for best results. You can adapt how you use the Tabata protocol depending on your sport For example if you are a boxer you could use this for rounds on a punch bag.

I hope this blog has been of use to you as I know the Tabata protocol has been very useful to me.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes posted for my next blog.


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