The perfect tool for weight loss… Personal Training

So, it’s January, you have eaten and drunk far too much over the christmas and new year period and want to get fit and healthy for 2011.

Typical New Years resolution – Lose weight, tone up, get fit, eat healthy etc.

What usually happens….

People join the gym with good intentions to lose weight and get fit, sign up on a 12 month contract and then have to fight it out with everyone else doing exactly the same to get onto that treadmill and cross trainer that they think will do the trick.

Training goes ok for about a month, you maybe lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier but then results stop, boredom kicks in and putting your feet up at home seems a much more tempting option. Your January drive that you had has stopped and you will continue paying membership for another 11 months and maybe go a handful of times.

So what is the other option….?


Personal Trainers are experts in the weight loss industry. We are trained to know the ins and outs of what you need to do to lose weight.

How does Personal Training help…

A Personal Trainer can analyse your lifestyle, current training levels, nutrition intake, goals and time available and come up with a solution to have you be what you want to be (Within reason! We can’t make you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie but we will definitely get you closer)

What Personal Trainers have to offer
-We have a massive range of training methods to keep training interesting
-We know what you should be eating and how to change your diet to eat healthier and reduce calorie intake
-We can train you at home or outdoors so you’re night fighting it out at the gym with everyone else
-We help motivate you and keep on track with achieving your goals/targets
-We know effective training methods instead of doing things you think may work
-We have vast experience in training people to get what they want
-We will not let you give up before you achieve what you set out for!

Common barriers with Personal Training…

“I can’t afford it.”
Think about what you spend/prioritise your money on. A Saturday night out can cost anything upto £100 in some cases, that extra pair of shoes you don’t need, that £60 a month gym membership you don’t use after January, if you think about the money you sometimes waste each month then this could pay for your training. If you really value on your health and well being then you can’t afford not to.

“I have no time.”
I bet you can find time to watch your favourite TV program or nip up the pub for a quick pint etc so if you can do this then you can find time to train. Training sessions are 30 mins to 1 hour typically and if there’s something you really want to do then you will find time. Personal Training gets you motivated so you want to train. It’s amazing what you can do when you really want to.

“I need to get fit first.” (My personal favourite)
Why? At 17 you wouldn’t go out and just try to drive a car before having driving lessons. Personal Trainers are here to get you results quickly so why try it another way on your own first. Have the benefit of expert guidance from the start and you’ll get the benefits quicker.

“They’re going to kill me.”
Any good Personal Trainer will assess you current levels of fitness and tailor the session to you personally. I’m not going to say it will not be hard work but you should be eased into it slowly for your fitness/experience level. Yes you may ache a little for a couple of days but that’s just how your body improves for next time.

I hope with this blog I have given you an insight into the benefits of Personal Training and also helped brong down any barriers you may have towards it too.

If you require Personal Training and are located around the Warwickshire area (Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Stratford, Coventry etc) then get in touch with Nick Richardson Fitness on 07973 627863 for a free consultation

If you have any questions regarding personal training then please feel free to post them on here and I will answer them as accurately as possible

Thanks 🙂

2 responses to “The perfect tool for weight loss… Personal Training

  1. really really, loved and enjoyed the site, its what i needed exactly, and thanks sooo soo0oo much, your help was very usefull and much appreciated, again, tHANKS BUNCHES!

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