Detox and weight loss

It’s January, everyone makes new years resolutions, a lot of people want to get fitter, lose weight, start training again or train more to try and reach that goal they didn’t make last year. Also too much alcohol has been consumed over the Christmas and New Year period along with far to much fatty and rich foods so it’s January when people want to reverse all the ill doing. What’s the word on everyone’s lips…. DETOX!

What is a detox?
A detox is a procedure to try and clear your body of all the toxins that it has been subjected to over a period of time. These toxins can be from greasy foods, takeaways, alcohol, drugs and medicines, cigarettes, car fumes and other pollution’s in the atmosphere, pesticides from produce we eat, cheap plastics used for holding liquids and food, toiletries, household cleaners, mercury from fillings, chemicals in water etc.

Why detox?
These toxins in your body can damage structures of the body impairing their functionality and cause serious damage to our health. They will be stored in cell membranes which are made up of fat and will also be stored in fat cells themselves. This means that we can find it difficult to reduce fat because of these toxins we have in our body. So if you want your body to be healthier and function better and also want to lose weight then a detox is the ideal thing to do.

How do I do a detox?
There are various ways to try and ‘detox’. Some are to cut out almost all the major food groups and drink gallons of water to flush your system out but that wont clear out all toxins and your body’s functioning will be reduced even further by the lack of nutrients that you are intaking. Not a good way!

Natures Sunshine do a great 10 day detox that is easy to follow and allows you to eat a normal healthy diet. Natures Sunshine is a supplement company that only use the very best natural organic ingredients and ensure that the correct plant parts are used and each herb contains a specific profile and quantity of ‘active’ ingredient.

Natures Sunshine 10 day detox is called The Healthy Starter Programme. The Healthy Starter Programme includes a starter pack of six products and Liquid Chlorophyll and Bifodophilus. The Starter Pack is a powerful and effective ten day course of six cleansing herbal products which collectively help cleanse the whole body of cellular waste. Cellular waste needs to be driven out of the cell, toxins in the blood need to be cleansed and the liver and kidneys need strengthening and support to pull as much of the toxins through as possible to eliminate them. The Healthy Starter ten day whole body cleansing programme contains:
• Burdock • Cascara & Buckthorn Combination
• Black Walnut • Gentian & Cascara Combination
• Psyllium Hulls • Peony & Cinnamon Combination

Liquid Chlorophyll is a minty drink that is added to water. Chlorophyll is the substance responsible for a plant’s green colour. Among its many benefits, Chlorophyll is a good natural cleanser and it also helps to oxygenate the blood giving more energy and better recovery.

Bifidophilus-Flora Force is a milk-free probiotic supplement, providing important strains of friendly flora which naturally inhabit the intestinal tract. These aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and help to maintain a healthy immune function. This is taken for 30 days after the 10 dat starter pack to rebuild your friendly bacteria.

With the above detox you do not need to cut out most food groups however it is highly recommended that you cut out alcohol, caffeine and red meat and stay hydrated by drinking 2-3 litres of water per day for 10 days.

What you should expect in the 10 days….
For the first day you wont really notice too much as it wont have had chance to work. Around 2-4 days as it starts working the toxins will start to be released from the cells and will be released into your blood stream and your system will start to clear. As it clears you may be a little more regular than usual. This is completely normal. (If things get too regular you can cut down the dose to 2 times per day but must finish the whole course) You may start to feel tired, run down and a little moody. This means it’s working! 5 days and onwards you will start to feel a lot better and healthier and should start be starting to lose a little weight as the fat cells can be more easily broken down.
After the 10 days you then need to start taking the Bifodofilus to replace all your friendly bacteria to maximise the benefits but you should be feeling great, have lost some weight and be ready to really kick start you weight loss and fitness programme.

If you want to follow the Natures Sunshine 10 day detox programme then follow the link below for a 15% discount
The Starter Programme

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