Suspension training – TRX

I’d like to introduce you to my latest piece of Personal Training equipment I have purchased, it’s called a ‘TRX Suspension trainer’.

Whether you are a Personal Trainer, a training enthusiast or just someone who like to keep in shape from time to time I would really recommend this versatile training tool.

What is a TRX suspension trainer?
Originating in the United States and used by Navy Seals the suspension trainer is a simple system of almost seatbelt type material with handles that works the whole body using just your bodyweight in a leveraged way.It will build strength and power, tone muscles, increase balance and stability and it’s amazing for strengthening the core and getting those abs defined. You can attach it to trees, ceiling hooks, climbing frames and even to the top of your door with a door anchor (this wont damage your door, I use it in a rented apartment which i’d be in trouble for if I broke the door).

How does it work?
The great thing is you can use it anywhere, I use it with all my Personal Trainer clients at homes and in parks. It weighs less then 2lbs and comes in it’s own bag so transport is easy if you want to take it to the gym, down the park, use it at home or take it to your hotel room etc. You attach the one end to a fixed point (a tree, hook, climbing frame, top of door) and it hangs down so you can grab the handles or put your feet in the straps and perform exercises like press ups, pull ups, single leg lunges, flyes, reverse flyes, ab roll outs and the list goes on. It’s a perfect Functional Training tool because instead of being sat on a fixed resistant machine where you just push or pull a bar or handle, your body has to function in a more natural way and all your postural muscles and stability muscles have to work to keep you balanced and in the right posture.

Watch the video below to see what it’s all about and how it works:

-It works the whole body as a complete system so builds functional strength
-allows increased muscle involvement which improves co-ordination and stability
-activates core in every exercise which helps towards a tighter mid section
-It balances muscles for better injury prevention and body symmetry
-due to higher overall motor unit activation it increases work done and therefore calories consumed
-unlimited amount of exercises
-easily able to adapt difficulty level just by moving closer/further away from anchor mid point
-it’s the anywhere workout

What do get and how much is it?
With your TRX Trainer you will get the trainer itself, a DVD with how to use it, workout cards, a bag and most cases it includes a door anchor. The TRX Supsension Trainer retails at around £150 and the UK site for it is TRX Fitness
You can purchase them cheaper elsewhere but be careful as there are fake imitation versions out there.

As a Personal Trainer I have used it myself and had my clients using it too. I have had great results with it and it’s a fun piece of kit to use so would recommend it to anyone.

I hope you found this blog of interest

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One response to “Suspension training – TRX

  1. How good is the TRX, they are the best ever. I might buy this new model i think. mine is all gross now

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