Permanent weight and fat reduction Pt.1/10

Welcome to my first out of ten installments on how to permanently control weight and reduce fat. With the 10 tips I am going to give you, or strategies as I prefer to call them, you will be able to make long term changes to your lifestyle and eating habits to never worry about having to lose weight and reduce fat again.

Firstly I am quickly going to look at what doesn’t work when it comes to long term weight loss…. Fad diets like; Lemon and soup diet, weight watchers, Zodiac diet, Atkins, Grapefruit diet etc. These are not long term solutions to losing weight, although they may well work to drop some pounds in the initial stage, the body is being starved of vital elements of nutrition that is required for optimal functioning. I am not going to go into detail of why each diet doesn’t work but to remain healthy and have your body working in the most effective way you need to have a balanced diet with all the appropriate nutrients in a way that can be maintained. This is why fad diets don’t work because you cannot stay on them long term, so what’s the point when up to 95% of people put the weight back on and usually more after they come off the diet.

Okay, now onto fat reduction and weight management…
‘Whether you are mildly or compulsively addicted to food, until you correct your key bio chemical imbalances (the body’s unhealthy chemical production in the breakdown of those foods) the problem continues’. ‘Upgrading food choices and correct supplementation with not reducing calories and eating ‘controlled portions’ is the only way to truly break free of food obsession’ (from Kat James the author of – the ‘Untold Truth’ about permanent weight loss). It is not as important to look at how many calories you eat through the day as it is at looking at what type of calories you eat and when you eat them. This brings me onto my first strategy…

No. 1 – Always have a nutritious breakfast
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kick starts your metabolism for the day and it should give you sustained energy until lunch. Most breakfasts however don’t allow this sustainment of energy required until lunch and can often lead to erratic blood sugar levels causing mood swings, cravings and storage of fat. So what is the key? Cereal, toast, juice, coffee are usual for breakfast but most cereals are high in sugary carbohydrate and therefore release energy quickly. Juice is also very high in sugar and bread isn’t exactly slow releasing in energy either. When foods release energy quickly is causes a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, your body then secretes insulin to take the sugar out of the blood but this then has to be stored somewhere else. It is directed firstly into the muscles and stored as glycogen but when they are full you then store the sugar as fat in your adipose tissue around the abdomen, hips, thighs etc. As a result this leads to increased fat storage and low blood sugar levels causing sugary cravings continuing the vicious cycle. If you make incorrect choices for breakfast it will affect your energy levels, mood and cravings throughout the whole day so it really is vital for weight loss to have the right breakfast!

The key is to have a slower release of energy from your food. Ways to do this are to include protein and fiber with your breakfast. Both protein and fiber slow the release of carbohydrate into the blood stream preventing blood sugar highs and lows and gives you sustained energy. The milk on your cereal wont help much as it is not a good source of protein. Options therefore are having eggs with your toast, sardines, nuts on your cereals or an easier way to do it which is becoming a more common option is to supplement…

Synerprotein is a high quality soya based protein supplement which is dairy free, wheat free, yeast free, gluten free and virtually fat free. Having this before you have your breakfast will slow down the release of the sugar from your cereal or toast. You can mix it with water, milk or even juice as a quick easy option of protein for breakfast.

TNT is a high fiber and carbohydrate drink mix that also contains vitamins and minerals to ensure you get your daily allowance.

My recommendation for a perfect breakfast mix is:
1 scoop of the Synerprotein
1 scoop of TNT
a handfull of organic frozen berries
300ml water
Just put all of these in a blender for a very nutritious, energy packed, lovely tasting breakfast smoothie in order to take your first step towards permanent weight and fat reduction.

I hope you have found this first installment interesting and if you want to hear more sign up for email notifications of the next blogs to having a better fitter you.

Thanks 😀

Nick Richardson

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