Permanent weight and fat reduction Pt.2/10

Your mind is the most powerful weight loss tool!

Weight loss and fat reduction doesn’t happen when you join a gym, pay a Personal Trainer, buy a fridge full of healthy food, get some new training kit or buy a new fitness DVD. You have to actually DO things and behave a certain way to get results. You need to go training, put the effort in, eat the healthy nutritious food, use your new training kit and keep at it. This is all down to YOU!

If you have the desire and focus to do something and you BELIEVE you can do it, you will put the effort in that is required and are more likely to achieve what you want. If you don’t believe something is possible, you usually wont try it or will put no effort into it and prove yourself right. Your beliefs therefore affect how you BEHAVE. Your thoughts shape your actions so if you think you can do something and are focussed and determined enough then you BEHAVE in a manor that means you will. You’ll go out for your run instead of watching TV, you’ll prepare a healthy lunch the night before instead of leaving it and grabbing that fat packed sandwich in your lunch hour. Your behaviour will then have you PERFORM! We are a product of what we do so by sticking to your training routine, eating a healthy diet and having every move be about your desire you will get what you want! BELIEVE you can do it, BEHAVE in a way to do it and you will PERFORM it.

A great way to keep up focus and motivation…

Goal Setting

This is a very important part of focussing the mind. You have to have goals! Imagine a football game without goals, it would just be 22 men (or women) running around aimlessly kicking a bag of air. Goals keep you going in the right direction, keep up motivation and have you strive for something.

How do you set goals?

Choose specific, measurable goals.
If you say “I want to lose weight”. That doesn’t motivate enough, you need to have a specific goals in mind like how many pounds you want to lose, what you want to weigh or what size you want your waist to be. This can then be measured to give a definitive yes when you reach them.

Set achievable goals.
If you set unrealistic goals you will not believe you can get to them and remember… what you BELIEVE affects how you BEHAVE. An ideal weight loss/fat reduction figure is around 1 pound per week. If you lose more than that then great but you want to set a figure that you can achieve rather than a figure that you’ll just miss out on as this will bring you to a negative mindset.

Set a timeframe to reach your goals.
If you do not have a date when you aim to hit your goals you can keep putting them off. You will prioritise other things that need doing and there will be no sense of urgency. It’s good to set goals for 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months and a year. The big goal is what you really desire but the smaller goals keep you focused as they are bit size chunks.

A typical goal should read like this….
On the 7th June 2011 (4 weeks time) I will weigh 8st 7lbs which will be a reduction of 4lbs.

Write it down.
Your goal needs to be written down! It needs to be somewhere where you will continually see it, it needs to be in your mindset 24/7. The more you think about your goal, the more you act towards achieving it. You can also have other triggers in certain places. You could have a picture of a celebrities body on your fridge that you want to look like, you could have a positive message on your screen saver or a post it note on your alarm clock in the morning.

Goal setting is a really important factor when it comes to focussing the mind. Focussing the mind is key to achieving weight loss, with the right mindset you will be amazed at what is possible!


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  1. Great post Nick – all so true!

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